The La Plata Mountains as seen from above the authorís

Durango Bill's

Paleogeography (Historical Geology) Research

Appendix to the Evolution of the Colorado River and Its Tributaries


Bill Butler

   The following sections expand on the information used in the chronology section. Additional evidence is given for some of the conclusions used - especially those that disagree with currently accepted interpretations. Also, local details are covered for areas near Durango, Colorado. Finally, as we have noted throughout the paper, there has been a pattern of multiple mountain uplifts throughout the Cenozoic. There has been a tendency for these to occur along north-northwest to south-southeast axes. We will present a trial theory as to the cause of these uplifts.

Topics Covered

The Physics of Mountain Building

Southwest Colorado Regional Summary

La Plata Mountains, Upper Dolores River, and Ancestral San Juan River (Arboles to Dolores)

Dolores River - Dolores to Gateway, CO

The Mancos Valley Northwestward to Bishop & Summit Canyons

Bridge Timber Mountain and the Ancestral San Juan River

Colorado,s Gore Range

The Defiance Plateau (Uplift, Upwarp), the Chuska Mountains, and Canyon de Chelly

The Kaibab Plateau

A Theory for the Numerous Local Uplifts Starting with the Oligocene

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