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Global Warming Denial

Is “Steve J”
an Ignoramus

   The purpose of this web page is to illustrate the type of people that compose the Global Warming Denier movement. The two individuals listed here are inconsequential as to who they are, but what they are and how they form their Global Warming Denial positions are significant as they are typical of many others in the movement.

   The two people involved were participants in an energy board forum that can be seen online at: As shown by their posts, both “dpwozney” and “Steve J” are Global Warming Deniers.

   “dpwozney” represents some of the “kooks” in the Denial movement. He has his own website and has contributed multiple posts to various Internet forums. A Google search using << dpwozney  >> will return links to many of these. The information given below is just a brief outline of just how “far out” out some of these kooks are.

   Besides being a Global Warming Denier, dpwozney is a Dinosaur Denier. He tells us that Dinosaurs Fossils in museums are made out of misc. bones from other animals. For example:

“To put it bluntly, dinosaurs are bogus.  The whole existence of dinosaurs is totally made up and has only continued to exist in our consciousness because of the many pathetic and dastardly purposes it has served over the years.  In this essay I will prove to you that dinosaurs never existed.”

Note: After I let D.P. know that I was going to include the above quote on this web page, he deleted the page. But the search engines maintain cache copies of web pages which is where the next two pictures came from.

The result of a search for "to put it
          bluntly, dinosaurs are bogus".

An excerpt from dpwozney's original web page.

(The entire original article as it appeared on Wozney’s website might still be archived at: )

Alternately, please see:

And to prove that “dinosaurs are bogus”, the same author tells us how to “Make your own Dinosaur out of Chicken Bones”

The above samples were composed by a David P. Wozney who actually made PZ Myer’s web page at:
“There are always more creationist kooks”

Another lengthy analysis about dpwozney can be found at:
"In that spirit, I'd like to introduce you to David P. Wozney."

Perhaps we should invent a new word - “fractoceramicist”.
fracto - crack
ceramic - pertaining to pottery
ist - a person associated with fractoceramics

   The other poster of interest is “Steve J”. Steve chooses not to disclose his real identity, but this is a characteristic of many other Global Warming Deniers. Steve is just one of the anonymous groupies that endlessly repeat the denier propaganda. He is an example of the (willful) ignorance of reality that is typical of most Global Warming Deniers. He also demonstrates the typical disdain that Global Warming Deniers have for educational institutions. This is a “hint” that most Global Warming Deniers have a poor educational background - especially in the sciences.

The following sequence is copied from the energy board forum.

A partial list of organizations that provide
          evidence that Global Warming is real.

   The image above is a portion of a list of organizations that I posted that provide evidence that Global Warming/Climate Change is real. Note that the list includes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the California Institute of Technology, and the University of Illinois - Champaign.

   The following reply to the above list by “Steve J” is typical of Global Warming Deniers.

Steve's opinion of these universities is that
          they are "pigs".

Steve’s opinion of the list that includes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the California Institute of Technology, and the University of Illinois - Champaign is:
“That's quite a list of pigs feeding at the trough”

I then asked “Steve J” to present opposing evidence to some of the documents in the list. One that I mentioned specifically was:
California Institute of Technology
"How We Know Global Warming is Real"
"The science behind human-induced climate change"

Steve’s reply is shown below.

Steve's opinion of a document from the California
          Institute of Technology.

Steve’s reply (which doesn’t fit on the page due to the energy board’s formatting) was:
“Your links are complete garbage! The first sentence from your California Institute of Technology "Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are higher today than at any time in at least the past 650,000 years." is factually incorrect. The rest of the paper is littered with falsities.”

Steve’s opinion of a document from the California Institute of Technology is that it
“is factually incorrect. The rest of the paper is littered with falsities.”

The fact that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are far higher today than at any time in the previous 800,000 years can be seen at:


The data on the second web page is courtesy of the University of Bern. Perhaps “Steve J” would like to describe the University of Bern as one the “pigs”.

Finally, if you go back to the second picture, “Steve J” made another statement that said:
“Now we find out that CO2 concentration levels in the atmosphere were higher in the 1820's and 1830's before industrialization even took place?

This is another fabrication of the Global Warming Deniers. Carbon dioxide levels in the 1820’s and 1830’s were in the range of 280 parts per million. Current concentrations are nearing 390 parts per million.

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