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Grand Canyon Maps
3-D Views of Northwestern Arizona and the Grand Canyon Area

3-D map of the area to the northwest of
              the Grand Canyon3-D map of the northeastern Grand Canyon area

3-D map of the western Grand Canyon3-D map of the eastern Grand Canyon

Contour intervals are 250 feet. (Click on any map to enlarge.)
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   The upper left map shows the northwest corner of Arizona with highway I-15 running from Nevada northeastward to Zion National Park. The north to south Grand Wash Cliffs are just east of the Nevada/Arizona border while the north to south Hurricane Cliffs are in the center of the picture.

   The upper right map shows Kanab Creek, the north end of the Kaibab Plateau, and the Marble Canyon section of the Grand Canyon (extreme right edge). A small corner of Lake Powell is also visible.

   The lower left map shows the western portion of the Grand Canyon which ends abruptly at the Grand Wash Cliffs. The extreme eastern end of Lake Mead is at the left edge.

   The lower right map shows the south rim of the Grand Canyon and the south end of the Kaibab Plateau. The prominent tributary left of center is Havasu Creek while the Little Colorado River enters from the right edge.

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