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Cenozoic Rivers (of the ancestral Colorado River)
(Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene)

   The maps below show the evolution of river systems starting with the Late Cretaceous/Paleocene through the late Miocene (just before the Grand Canyon event). River positions were drawn free hand with a mouse and are thus subject to some drawing error as well as geologic uncertainties. However, the overall pattern is a reasonably accurate depiction of the Evolution of the Colorado River.

   The maps were generated with Delorme's TopoUSA program. The usual credit notice was chopped off when pictures were edited to fit this page.

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Map sjows the general river drainage
            during the Paleocene.Overview of river drainage
            during the Eocene.

       Late Cretaceous to Paleocene                         Eocene
     (About 60 - 70 million years ago)         (About 45 - 50 million years ago.)

General river
              flow during the Oligocene.

                            (About 30 million years ago)

Overview of
              river systems in the Late Miocene.Overview of river systems
              in the early Miocene

               Early Miocene                              Late Miocene
       (About 20 million years ago)                (About 6 million years ago)

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